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Hookahs wholesale from the manufacturer 

MattPear is the largest manufacturer and supplier of hookahs and accessories in more than 40 countries. Earn with MattPear! We are open for direct business with shops and hookah establishments! Do business with us on special terms without any intermediaries!
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Hookahs, accessories and components in bulk fr om MattPear.

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Our own production

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Our first-class equipment ensures metalworking accuracy up to 0.001mm, conforming to strict international standards. Each production stage is closely monitored by our operators and inspection staff. As a result, MattPear is highly regarded internationally for its quality and the number of our loyal customers is growing exponentially.
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6 Reasons to choose MattPear

Quality service and expert after-sale support
Attractive business terms and marketing support
Product quality. Warranty on hookahs up to 5 years
Incoming and outgoing quality inspection
Glass vases with universal base on thread and sealing
Unique design decisions. The world's first patented magnetic MattPear Port Connection method


Everyone will hear about you! Our clients are your clients! We will add you to the MattPear Store locator so that you can be found wherever you are in the world!
For shops
  • High products marginality
  • Fast order fulfilment. Products always in stock and available for shipping
  • Guarantee the authenticity of the products
  • Training for your sales staff and assistants applying our motivation system
  • We jointly launch incentive campaigns and provide merchandise
  • Free delivery, if the purchase amount is over 500 000 ₽
  • Terms of cooperation
For parlors
  • After-sales service
  • Lifelong expert support
  • We guarantee the quality and durability of MattPear
  • We offer:
    • Special Price for equipment
    • Staff apparel
    • Hookah masters training on flavours and mixes
  • You can benefit from our "Beneficial TRADE-IN" offer - exchange your old hookahs for new by MattPear for 30% discount
  • Условия сотрудничества
For chain stores
  • Incentive program for getting rebate bonus
  • Quick order fulfillment. Products always in stock and available for shipment
  • Providing merchandise to stimulate the end customer
  • We participate in cross-marketing activities at chain
  • Условия сотрудничества
For distributors
  • Marketing support:
    • Merchandise
    • Information materials
    • Brand promotional materials
    • Sales aids
  • Incentive system to stimulate sales
  • Free delivery on orders of 500,000 ₽ and more
  • Условия сотрудничества

Make money with MattPear!
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Frequently asked questions

How to make a contract with Mattpear and place an order?
You can either place your order yourself online or send us an order form to support@mattpear.co

The following steps are required to complete the order process yourself:

  • Register on mattpear.co
  • Download the contract (sign on each page)
  • Upload a scan of the contract to -my account-
  • Notify a MattPear employee when the contract is ready
How to become a MattPear distributor?
Potential customers can become MattPear customers in regions wh ere they do not yet have a distributor (if they already have one, they can become MattPear customers on an individual basis).

To become a distributor, you need to meet several conditions:

  • Purchase of not less than 500 hookahs in the first half year (the report starts from the 1st order);
  • Fulfillment of conditions and recommendations described in "Distributor rules";
How to add a sales outlet on Store locator?
The client can add an outlet independently after signing and confirming the agreement, in the "Cooperation section of the my account, following the instructions
What kind of incentives do you offer to chain stores partners?
MattPear offers its chain stores partners a program of sales promotion through marketing support in the form of branded merchandise, cross-marketing PR activities with prize drawings, assistance in shaping the product display on shop shelves.
Do you deliver to other cities/countries?
MattPear delivers worldwide
Will there be free shipping?
Free delivery is possible, it will be discussed individually if the order value exceeds 500,000 RUB
How quickly the goods are shipped?
Shipment of goods is made within 2/3 days after payment for the order and depends on the size of the order.
How to get MattPear merch?
There are several ways to get a branded merch to a retail buyer:
  • Buy the brand merch in partner stores
  • Participate in contests in official messengers of MattPear or other social networks of the partner chain.
What service and lifetime expert support is provided?
We provide free of charge service/warranty service for products which warranty period has not expired (on condition that the defect has NOT arisen due to misuse of the product or due to fault of the customer):
  • Classic M/ Mini M/ Ready S - 5 years from the date of manufacture;
  • Simple M - 1 year from the date of manufacture;
  • Accessories - 1 year fr om the date of manufacture;
Otherwise the service/warranty is at the customer's expense

Regardless of the period of use, expired/not expired warranty, the customer can always contact any of the support services to get information about the product, be it care, specifics of use or any other information about the product.

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